Monday, December 8, 2014

Custom Cavy Plushies

The two cute little pigs in the photos above are Abby and Spikey, and belong to a couple from Singapore. We were asked to make some plushie look-alikes this week, and this is what we came up with...

... not perfectly realistic (they are just mohair and stuffing afterall!), but there's enough of a likeness there to recognise who is who I think!

Little Abby even has the tufted-out look to his fur around his face and along his body.

And Spikey has the wispy bit of fringe that flops over his eyes. One side he has his larger cream eye patch, and the other side just a hint of cream.

I tried to get one of our pigs to sit in on the photo to show the size comparison too. This is our 'Abby' sitting next to the two plushies (she was a little confused by them I think! lol).

These plushies are obviously claimed, but if you would like your own replica guinea pig soft sculpture made, feel free to contact us ( or check out the ready-made plushies in our store.

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