Friday, December 5, 2014

The Lucky One

This gorgeous boy has just joined our family. He is 5 weeks old and a pedigree sheltie. His granddad was our 'Sirocco Omari'.

His name is 'Ohana The Lucky One' - sole survivor of a litter of 5!

(The photos below are of his granddad when he was a bub and later at a few months old. Sadly he is no longer living, so it makes Lucky all the more special)


  1. How precious he is! I, too, had a "Lucky" guinea pig, also an only survivor of a litter of 5. He is no longer with us, but I'll never forget finding him and his mom after what must have been a difficult time for her, peeping out at me from behind her, still damp and less than an hour old. He was beautiful, just as she was, and I miss both of them so much. Thank you for sharing your Lucky one with us. :o)

    1. what an amazing story Sherry. It is heartbreaking and joyful all at the same time when you have a little survivor.