Saturday, December 13, 2014


Meet Harriet.
Isn't she just DIVINE!!!

I worked my butt off for years trying to produce a curly-coated pig like her as part of my curly-coated sheba program, and she appears in a random pet litter born at an acquaintances stud a month ago!

Granted she is related to one of our Sirocco foundation animals 'Glenjolie Liam' (she's his Great Great Granddaughter), and is actually also related to our famous 'Kobe' (she's Kobe's Great Granddaughter). But there have been so many other lines introduced along the way that there isn't much of a resemblance anymore!

I do not intend to start up that project again as the mature curly-sheba doesn't look dramatically different to a mature alpaca guinea pig, but I have always loved this look in cavies, so will treasure her as a pretty little pet. And can't wait to watch her grow into her curls.

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