Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mary - 3wks

We did updates of her brothers - but missed out on getting Mary's growth-progress shots. This is her at almost 3weeks (taken this afternoon). She has the most incredible 'blue eyes' too (not blue like we see in humans - but usually seen on dark-eyed white roan pigs - the eyes have a subtle blue overcast, most noticeable in the whites surrounding the pupil). Zoom in on the last photo of her below to get a glimpse.

And this is the big-girls set up at the moment while we try and search for the right cage to maximise all of the juciy green grass we have on the property now. The lawn can get a bit boggy, so we have a hutch that is raised and dry. It also provides shelter for them, and the heat-reflective tarp keeps the whole set up waterproof and cool in the heat of the midday sun too.

We decided to do the set up this way for the girls after Kobe's brush with heatstroke. Even on the most humid, yucky days the girls have kept cool and comfortable here as there's enough space for them to seek out a cool position as they would in the wild. With the run stretched to full capacity they probably have about 15 square meters of space!

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