Thursday, January 15, 2015

New bedding

We had a few international sales for piggy bedding come through in the last week or so... which nearly cleaned us out! And being hot as hell here in Australia I honestly wasn't thinking that I'd need to sew up any more for a while. (Totally forgot that while we're sweating our butts off - the other side of the world has snow! I could so go for a bucket of snow right now! lol)

So to make sure we have something at least in our store I whipped up a few new Piggy Roll-ups yesterday. These are the great 'all rounder' of the bedding we stock. They can be a play-toy for running through, they can be a sleepy spot, and they can be pulled apart into a lap mat or a cage liner.

We only have one of the plush igloos in stock, and just a handful of cuddle sacks as well - so we'll try and fit some more sewing into the next few weeks.

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