Saturday, October 27, 2012

Texel plushies

FINALLY got our last batch of texel plushies finished! These are handmade soft-sculpture guinea pigs that we design/sew in very small batches here at Sirocco Cavy Stud. 

In fact, this will be our last batch as we won't be purchasing this leather again. After some further research looking into finding a new supplier, I realized that I cannot establish that this product is farmed in a humane way (it's actually far more likely that it isn't, coming from the Mongolia/China region where real fur is mass produced in shocking environments). So we will use the gorgeous fur that we have had sitting in our stash for the last few years, to honour the animals that it originated from. But we will not be assisting this industry any further. 

Almost all of the texel plushies shown below have found new homes through our facebook page...'s only 'Daffodil' - shown below - that is yet to find a new family. 

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