Monday, October 15, 2012

Isaac and Imelda

Thought I'd show off how the twins 'Isaac and Imelda' are coming along. You might remember the post I did when they were born. Both mum and dad were rex x texel crossbreeds. Mum had the long coat (2 copies of the long-coat gene) and dad had the long butt hair, short front (1 copy long coat gene, 1 copy short). Statistically the bubs had a 50% chance of ending up looking like dad. But we wouldn't know what their coats were doing until they were a bit older. So I decided to keep them here to watch.

The bubs are now 4 weeks old, and looking so so beautiful. It's still a bit early to say for sure that they'll both be long-haired, but indications are that this is the more likely option. What we won't know now is whether their coats will stay nice and dense like this, or if we'll see any dropped coat/sparseness. So we wait and watch a little more, and just enjoy these precious little bundles of fluff!

Isaac at 4 weeks old. He's such a gentle boy too! So much like grand-dad Liam. 

And Imelda. She's got some amazing curl happening over her body, but is a little more sparse across her face. 

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