Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eirwyn's hair cut

 Eirwyn's coat hasn't grown back in very well since she had her litter 5 months ago. So we selected her to be the 'guinea pig' for our new summer clippers. I'm not a hair dresser, nor have I ever had to clip an animal (it's always been a scrappy looking scissor job in the past!)... so this was a bit of a learning curve! Plus, being 99% white, Eirwyn gets filthy! So I thought this might make it a bit easier to keep her cool and clean over summer... 

After about 20mins of slowly slowly, bit by bit - we got there! There was a lot more hair than I though. This girl really does have decent density - especially those rump curls. I almost needed proper sheep shearers!

 She should feel a lot better coming into summer too. Now I just have to pluck up the courage to do the rest of my texels... :S (I wonder if there would be a use for guinea pig 'wool'!?) 

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