Monday, October 22, 2012

Bubba updates - Molly and Fleur's litters

Molly x Rocket's bubs are now 2.5wks old and growing up so beautifully. Little Madeline is pictured above - the little lady we've decided to keep on the off chance that she might be carrying her grandma's curly gene. It's not very likely two generations of straight-coated pigs on, but she's too gorgeous to let go. (My name is Emma, and I am addicted to Guinea Pigs! lol)

Melba is above and Macie below. Both on hold for lovely families. Little Melba had a minor incident last week when she wriggled out of my hands after the bath all the pigs get twice a month. She landed awkwardly and I was so worried that she'd really hurt herself. But within 10mins she was running around with her siblings and mum like nothing had happened. I think it took me a lot longer to recover! 

And gorgeous Myron - perfection in a piggy! And surprisingly unclaimed by any new families yet. 

~ * ~

The bubs from Fleur x Malakai are doing really well too. I was a little worried that Jedi (shown below) wasn't gaining weight fast enough, but he's been the first bub to figure out how to get down the ramp in the girls mansion cage so he can follow mum around 24/7 now. (Usually the mums can pop downstairs for a break from the bubs if they need it. It takes most babies about 2-3weeks to get enough confidence to follow mum down. By which stage they really don't need to be feeding as often anyways). 

Also surprisingly, Java (shown above) is still un-spoken for by any new families. He and Myron would make such a handsome duo that I'm really hoping they can be adopted together. 

They'd be a brilliant introduction into caring for long-haired pets for younger owners wanting to learn more about showing the sheltie/peruvian/sheba breeds before actually attempting to show pedigrees. (long-haired pedigree guinea pigs can only be shown if their coats are whole - not cut, broken, chewed, damaged etc. As soon as this happens the animals pedigree show career is over. With pets the rules aren't so rigid, so you can have a bit more fun learning). 

And last, but not least - gorgeous little Jewel. So much like her Great Aunt Molly. 

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