Friday, April 22, 2011


Meet Liam. He is our newest little bundle of trouble! Mark drove an hour north of here to collect him (then an hour back again!). His name is 'Glenjolie Liam', he's a pedigree Texel guinea pig, and was born on the 4/4/2011. So he's still quite young, but heaps bigger than Sprout and Sparrow who were adopted 2 days ago (and who are apparently 4 weeks old!).

Liam is now living inside with Sprout and Sparrow until they're all big enough to move outside. Sparrow will go to live with the girls in the Big cage, while Sprout and Liam will live in the bachelor pad - a two story cage Alice and Custard lived in previously.

Until then though, I'm making the most of having them so close by. Here they are all snuggled up on my lap while I edit photos and post blog updates!