Friday, April 22, 2011

The BIG cage is Finished!

This is the finished cage first thing this morning. We still had a fair bit of work to do though - building a perimeter fence to keep Chelsea and Oliver away, levelling the ground so it wasn't on such a huge lean, fixing the ramp in place, sealing up the many gaps in the closed in section so the rain wouldn't come in etc...

First step was the get the fence up. We're not that good at handyman stuff, so it doesn't have a gate. This is fine for Mark and I as we're both quite tall. But regular sized people will need a step ladder to get in if they want to see the pigs!

It worked perfectly! Excitable toddler and dangerous dog are kept out of harms way!

This is Mark fixing up a few weak spots Chelsea and Oliver managed to find for us!

Sitting back and enjoying the cage. You can probably see the two chairs we bought for inside the cage too - a big one for us, and a little one for Chels. She loves it!

This is a view from inside the cage. We've since added some extra grip to the ramp as the girls were having a bit of trouble getting up and down.

The enclosed section is really roomy and secure. If I was a guinea pig, this is exactly where I would want to live!


  1. That cage is awesome! I love how you have chairs inside it too! lol It's like a guinea pig hotel. :-)

  2. I totally agree, I really love your massive love for guinea pigs and your great ideas for them! Thumbs up Em,

    - Ray -

  3. Awwww how cute! I love custard in the last picture! ;), how did you get the picture?

  4. lol - I just popped the camera through the ramp entrance! Custard didn't know I was there.

  5. lol - she was probably like: Mmmmmmmmm when the humans go I shall eat the hay!