Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy piggys

Yesterday was miserable and wet, but the guinea pigs seemed quite happy! The cage has held up really well for it's first rain soaking. Even the open area downstairs stays quite dry. Which is good, or it would have turned to mud, and the pigs would have been confined upstairs!

These are just a few shots I took of them enjoying their greens. They're still a bit timid of people, but they are getting better. All of the individual personalities are really starting to shine now too.

Custard is the bravest, and tends to lead the way most of the time. That might have something to do with her many years of free-range life with us at our last house too.

Subi is bossy, grumpy, and a likes her space. She tends to avoid hanging out in the open when we're around as well, preferring her little igloo house. But will let us pick her up without any fuss.

Alice is a little firecracker. She's the only one who runs up and down the ramp at lightning speed all day. The rest either stay up or down!

Beeno is the most reluctant ramp climber. All the others file out and down the ramp in the morning, while she sits at the top looking out, but inevitably retreats back inside.

Sparrow is a funny little thing. She is half the size of the next smallest pig, but gets up and down the ramp without a worry. She's always tucked up next to one of the bigger girls.

Ginger is the sweetheart of the group. She's never in anyone's way, and will let me pick her up without a fuss.

Ruby is still really timid and scared. She and Beeno have taken to staying up the top while the others go downstairs. It's kind of like their hideout!

Alba and Kobe are yet to really let me see their personalities though. Kobe is a lot less timid now (Ruby's taken over that role!). And Alba is just Alba. A little stubborn I will admit. She was the last one to go upstairs last night, which meant I had to 'help' her up the ramp so I could close them in for the night. Oliver (our Beagle) got very excited when she was running around avoiding capture!

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