Friday, April 29, 2011

Liam, one week on

We've had little Liam for one week now, and he's already changed! His hair is at the point that it's long enough to start parting down the centre of his back! It's so thick and lush and beautiful.

Little Sprout, who originally looked as though he might have tighter curls than Liam, is actually growing more of a fuzzy coat. A little like zig-zag fur!

Liam is also one of my more vocal pigs. This is just a little of his complaining this morning when I took him out the back for a hair growth progress photo!


  1. Oh my they are soooo cute, I want to run out and get a few! I had two as a child and your piggies are bringing back such happy memories. I love this blog!

  2. thanks hillary! i'm really glad to know you're enjoying it

  3. Oh my Liam is such an adorable little thing, and so beautiful as an adult. You should be really proud of him! Love your Blog Em!!

    - Ray -