Sunday, December 9, 2012

Emma's litter to Gizmo

This is mumma and daddy to our latest litter born in the early hours of friday morning. Emma's first litter and Gizmo's second litter. Both of these two are grandchildren of our Liam (pedigree texel), so it wasn't a surprise when the babies came out with colours just like Liam. We didn't get any curl as was originally hoped when these two were first introduced to each other a few months back - but that was before Gizmo's first litter to Xeraphina had been born and shocked us with their lack of curl (meaning that Gizmo's curl-gene is different to the rest of my texel-born pigs). So it was just further confirmation here. Any recessive curl that Emma might have been carrying wouldn't have had a chance to come through with Gizmo's genes in the mix.

We got two little men (Yardley and Yoda) and one little lady (Yolanda). All very cute, and all will grow long, beautiful sheba-looking coats.

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