Sunday, December 2, 2012

Summer Cuts

Sorry to anyone who popped by over the last few hours and found a post without text! (Blogger was being tricky) So here are the explanations for this odd pictures... we've done some dramatic summer hair cuts over the last few days. The weather forecast is for a dramatic heat wave of over 40 degrees Celsius tomorrow here in Brisbane, so we've been putting as many measures into place as we can now to prevent death tomorrow. (this is very dangerous weather for guinea pigs. All of the at risk pigs (older ones, very young ones, pregnant ones etc) have been brought inside - but with a full caviary, not every will fit.

The pigs were surprisingly calm with the whole ordeal. Most were a bit grumpy when i started up the clippers, but then they realised that it didn't hurt so would just sit there and let me do my thing.

And they look so odd now! Little skinny, slinky creatures running around! (you may have noticed that our bedding has changed too - we are trialing 'vet bed' at the moment, but I plan to do a separate post on that in a few weeks - I've also started making up some hammocks for them to add a bit of enrichment to the enclosures now that I've taken away all the hay they could burrow under. So far there have been mixed reactions to the hammocks!).

We managed to get 240g of hair cut off these guys! That's crazy! It's all clean and quite long strands for the most part - so if anyone thinks they'd be able to use it for spinning/yarn work etc - just send me an email ( and you can have it for free. Just need to pay postage.

(A few 'before' photos. It nearly broke my heart to have to cut into these gorgeous coats. Better a bald piggy than a dead piggy though).

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