Thursday, December 6, 2012



On Tuesday the 4th December 2012 Cleo delivered four gorgeous big babies all by herself. Malibu our lilac/gold argente sheltie boar was the daddy. These were his first babies. We got a texel boar, a texel sow, a sheltie sow and a sheba boar - all pets obviously. Nearly every genetic combination bar the one we were hoping for (curly sheba!). These are stunning bubs though, and very healthy.

When I got their newborn photos I didn't want to disturb them by taking them outside into the heat, so they're taken in our bathroom (coolest room in the house, but has crappy lighting!). So we got a 1-day update shot in the cool of the next afternoon. I love this pic, all those sweet little piggy noses!

(This is daddy to this litter and the one below - our 'Malibu' )



THEN our gorgeous Meadow delivered two big beautiful bubs a few hours after Cleo, also on the 4th Dec. One gorgeous richly coloured gold agouti sheltie sow and one vibrant dark-eyed gold sheba boar. Again, no curly sheba bubs as we'd hoped, but it's just a matter of odds. We'll try again in 6months with Meadow's next litter.

There's a chance both of these bubs will carry the recessive curl-gene as well, but we won't know unless we do test matings - and even then we could never be sure if we didn't see curls first time. What I would give to be able to work with a dominant curl gene like the lunkarya cavy!



And lastly, our stunning little pedigree texel Sirocco Amethyst delivered two large, perfect babies at approx 9am on wednesday the 5th December. One little man and one little lady. We were literally just about to run out of the door to get to a meeting when I noticed a bit of activity - and sure enough these little treasures were out and looking great. After a quick feel of Amethyst's belly to determine that there were no more bubs  I felt confident to leave her to clean them up. When we got back they were all settled in, dry and looking cute!

These babies will likely be papered, but we want to wait and see how their coats are looking at the 3 month mark first. We've had some really inconsistent coat results in the last round of pedigree texel litters last season, so I am not in a hurry just yet.

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