Thursday, May 2, 2013

Piggie Panties

After the sheer cuteness of the last photo we posted of Chelsea's pig Kobe wearing the doll nappy... we decided to try making our own versions....

This is the super cute, and hilarious 'ruffle' nappy!

We also have a more 'dignified' standard nappy! I still get the giggles every time I look at these pics!

They're definitely more of a photo-prop item, but will have some function, and may reduce the amount of wee that ends up on your lap while giving your pig a prolonged cuddle, but I doubt they'd catch it all. Pigs manage surprisingly large wees.

We whipped up a batch of 'Standard' nappies and 'Ruffle' nappies if you think your special cavy might like to do a bit of dressing up too.


  1. Are you selling these ir providing a template?

  2. Hrllo. Are you selling these or providing a template for others to do?

  3. I need something when I let him out around the house , I would love to try and make a diaper and be able to put liners in it, thx