Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An update on Evangeline

Our gorgeous 'Evangeline' was born on the 14th August 2013 - exactly 9 months ago. This was her newborn photo with her mumma Elodie and her litter-mates. (Evangeline is the bub with the white face closest to the top of the pic). Her daddy was our gorgeous silver agouti texel 'Tex'. I knew this girl was destined for glorious things with stunning parents like this...


 A tiny newborn Evangeline - still a little wet!

 Evangeline at 6 days old. 

12 days old

almost 3 weeks old here

Evangeline at 5 weeks old - getting some gorgeous length already!

10 weeks old - and just stunning. Big droopy rose-petal ears, bold eyes and striking colours. 

For some reason I totally forgot to take any further photos of poor Evangeline between 10 weeks old and 9 months old! She had her first litter at 6 months, and did lose a lot of coat following that, but she was looking awesome before she littered so I'm annoyed that I don't have a 6-month photo for you guys!

These are the updated photos we took of Evangeline this afternoon. She's really looking good again - her coat has grown back to a really nice length and density and she's getting some awesome lift. She is a pet-sheba, which simply means that while she certainly looks like the sheba breed, she's not 'purebred' as we've used a texel parent to get her. We did this so that we could introduce the curl-gene into the sheba line. But, by using texel this is achieved at the expense of the second rosette gene.

As such, we now have a stunning sheba-style sow, who has the potential to produce a whole host of different offspring, depending on who she is mated to. Her first litter she was mated back to another texel, and produced a curly-sheba coated boar (our Asher), and two traditional straight-coated sheba-looking boars. Potentially we could also have gotten sheltie bubs and/or texel bubs.

We've retained her son Asher who is looking awesome, and very much like I expected a curly version of a sheba might.

Meanwhile we get to enjoy this stunning girl, and watch as her coat continues to grow out. Hopefully I can bring you another update in a few months and she'll really be in full coat!

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