Monday, March 11, 2013

Opal and Romeo welcome two pedigree texel bubs

Above we have Sirocco Opal. She was born here early last year to Glenjolie Savannah x Lavender Vale Tex. It has taken this long for her to fall pregnant! But it was worth the wait! Daddy to her babies is our Hazelron Romeo (shown below). This is his first litter with us.

A pigeon pair - Amadeus and Amore

We got a very sweet little girl we've called 'Sirocco Amore' (which means love). She has unusual colouring, and it took a lot of back and forth communication between myself and another stud, with lots of photos and re-checking Romeo and Opal's pedigrees to come to the conclusion that her colouring is chocolate agouti (choc base, red/gold tip). At first glance I assumed she was lilac/gold argente (lilac base, gold tip), but the tone isn't quite right for lilac (and there doesn't appear to be any lilac in her parent's pedigree - obviously we can't see what is beyond 4 generations though). We'll see how her coat grows/how the colour looks in a few months though. But one thing is for sure - she's going to be a stunner!

And this was our little man. This is Sirocco Amadeus (which also means love). He is a more common 'gold agouti (black base, gold tip) and white. His colouring is a lot like his dad's, but with the cute splashes of white.

 Amadeus weighed in at 95g at birth, and Amore was 85g. Both bubs are looking really strong which has been a nice change for us here after a run of sickly/weak bubs. I have full confidence in their survival.

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