Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter piggy update pics

 Decided to grab some quick photos of the pigs today as we were home for Easter Friday and the pigs were getting a day on the grass. Tried to group them together to make it easiest - above and directly below we have our 'Sirocco' girls - our pedigree texel sows here in residence.

Above we have our pedigree texels from other Brisbane studs, including our two main men Liam and Romeo.

Below we have our curly-sheba siblings at 6 weeks old - Scout, Salem and Sarabi.

And below we have Sirocco Opal (the missing sow from the 'Sirocco Sows' photo) with her two 2.5wk old bubs. I love how Opal and Amore are pulling nearly the exact same face.

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