Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guinea Pig Toy PATTERNS - make your own

Here at Sirocco Cavy stud we do a lot of guinea pig-related sewing. Mostly it's cuddle sacks and guinea pig comforts - but we also do our own range of guinea pig plushies as a sideline to our main teddy bear making business 'Emma's Bears'.

Recently we decided to make our plushie patterns available for purchase by other crafty-minded people who might not have been able to access a pre-made toy. We now have two guinea pig patterns to choose from. Shown above and below is our 'Family' pattern. This is a quirky design that includes a mum with a belly lining so that her babies can be tucked up inside her like a babushka doll.

I tend to make this design with a litter of three, but you can fit up to 4 babies in there if you prefer larger litters, or just give mumma 1 or 2 bubs. You're limited only by your imagination. We've made this pattern is a wide array of colours and fur-types as you can see below.

The other guinea pig pattern we have available is for our 'large cartoon' guinea pig. This pattern makes pigs like those shown below next to our gorgeous Peruvian Molly. The pattern includes adjustments to make different 'breed' looks - like texels, peruvians, shelties, Abyssinians etc all based on how you position your fur pile direction. This is a nice easy design to sew up, and has less steps and complicated instructions than the guinea pig family design. You can also have a lot of fun using all manner of colours and fur types with this design too.

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