Friday, November 28, 2014

bubba growth updates

Walnut as a newborn (above) and Walnut at 5weeks old (2 photos below). 


Pecan as a newborn (above) and Pecan at 5 weeks (2 photos below). 


Lucy as a 3-day old (above) and Lucy at nearly 2 months old (2 photos below). 


Bonny and Clyde as newborns (above), and Bonny at 3 weeks old (3 photos below). 

And Clyde at 3 weeks (in the next 4 photos). We just discovered he has a bizarrely marked eye too. I had assumed it was just a black eye with a pink rim - but he has a funny eyeliner effect going on! And a pretty half/half face (see last photo).

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