Monday, October 13, 2014

Lucy and Luck - newborn guinea pigs

Last night we had a storm roll over our house. I was just cleaning up in the kitchen when it occurred to me that I should check on Abby (who was due the day before), to see if the storm had brought on her labour (something to do with the change in air-pressure tends to bring about labour in guinea pigs who are already close to delivery anyways). Sure enough, she was making the tiny hiccup-like motions and licking at her bottom. About 1min later a slimey white bub emerged.

Abby cleaned her up quickly and like a pro considering this was her first litter. Bub no. 2 was born a few minutes later. She didn't see to him as quickly, preferring to turn back to the first bub to continue cleaning her (this is a common first-time mum mistake). So I pulled the membrane off the second bubs face so he could breathe while he waited for mum to get back to him. It didn't take her long to remember that he needed a bit of attention too.

Both bubs are a good size - the first born girl was 105g and the boy 100g. Nice strong babies who were standing and walking within 10mins of birth too. I've seen so many babies born weak and wobbly over the years that it's always such a relief to see them stand up.

This is little 'Lucy' at about 1hr old last night.

First thing this morning my 5yr old daughter and I were down at the guinea pig cage checking on the little family and giving them their morning cuddles. Bubs were all clean and white, dry and fluffy! They both have beautiful markings - the dominant white through their coats is due to the roan-gene from their dad. Lucy has cinnamon agouti eye-patches while Luck has a bit of gold/black. I counted approx 12 rosettes on little Luck earlier today - the boy is going to be a stunner!

No particular breed on these two siblings, just very cute, very healthy little pets.

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