Monday, September 29, 2014


I do love comparison photos. Especially coat-growth shots of long-coated guinea pigs! (probably why I have a whole blog full of guinea pig photos! lol). 

This is the not-so-little-anymore Boris. Above he was 3-4wks old. Below he is 4 months old! Crazy what a few months of growing can do. 

Boris is actually going to be a dad shortly as well. He and Abby (photo below) are expecting their first litter together within the next fortnight or so. I'm expecting tri-coloured, rosetted bubs. Some might have their Dad's roaning. Some may end up with mum's shorter hair, some may end up with longer hair (Abby carries the long-hair gene).

Or we might get total surprise colours/coat types. You never do know with pets.

I do know that they are going to be gorgeous and unrestricted by the demands of being a 'pedigree'. They will be what they will be!

 It has been way too long since we've had bubba guinea pigs popcorning around our caviary!

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