Sunday, June 29, 2014

Some Very fluffy new arrivals!

I've been feeling the 'itch' to increase my piggy family again lately. I don't know what it is about this addictive little critters, but since closing our stud last year I became very aware of just how hard it is to find guinea pigs of particular breeds/colourings/coat types. I think it's easy to take it for granted when you have huge bank/tower cages full of pedigree long-coated cavies. But take all that away, and the regular person just can't find a critter like that.

So I have been patiently keeping my eyes open, and just so happened to stumble across a little ad for some pet pigs this morning. I packed up the kids and we went for a drive and had a look - and I was blown away by the quality of these little pets. It was 6 acres of animal heaven. I think the owner was in the same head-space that I was in when I had the stud set up in that he just accepted that these were the kind of bubs he had available for adoption. His comment was 'this one has a cute face'. Meanwhile I'm thinking 'OH MY GOD THAT IS ADORABLE!'

So... what I'd planned might be one more new addition to our family became THREE! He offered to show me some more bubbas that would be able to leave their mum's in a week or so... but I had to stay strong and decline. I could seriously have taken them all home with me if we had the space. (mind you, now I'm wanting to head right back there again next week and take home some more! He did make the comment that guinea pigs are rather addictive, and I have to agree).

So we have a little cream agouti sheba-coated sow called 'Buttons' (top of the page), a tri-colour roan sheba-coated boar we've called 'Boris' (above), and a curly-sheba-style black/white/cream sow we've called 'Betty' below.

All bubs are around about 4-5wks old. I'm SO excited to watch their coats grow out. I suddenly remembered about the horror of coats getting chewed by other pigs earlier today though - so I have all my fingers crossed that we can at least make it to 4months old without too much coat damage!


  1. Soooo cute! Love Buttons.

    I have started raising guinea pigs over the past year. They most certainly are addictive! It started with one shy Peruvian boar, and now I have Peruvians, a Silkie, Texels, and Teddies.


  2. Buttons is gorgeous! I love Betty's coat too! They are all adorable! I can't wait to get my two guinea pigs this Christmas! I love the way they just cuddle up in your arms when you have them on your lap!

  3. Buttons is my favorite guinea pig here! Great name too! Definitely belongs on this list of names.

  4. These are soooooooooo cute! it definitely made my day to see these fluffy pigs!