Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Plushies and Pregnancy-watch

We had a custom order for some guinea pig plushies through our 'Emma's Bears' business this week, so I thought I'd make a couple of extra ones and trial some ideas I had in mind for a 'Himalayan' style plushie and a 'Dutch' style plushie.

These were the results. Pretty quirky with their pink-eyes, but they're growing on me. At first I was like 'hmmm.... maybe a little creepy...', but the choc-himi is kind of cute. ;)

(The available plushies can be found in our store if you'd like to take one home). 

And a quick update on little Abby - she's doing really well. She is still rediculously tiny, but her belly and nipples have grown quite a bit more then I would have expected... so I currently have her on pregnancy-watch. She did seem way too little to possibly have been pregnant when I got her, and she was housed with another girl at the time... but that doesn't mean that she didn't come into contact with a boar at some stage though.

So we just watch, and wait. And feed her lots of yummy foods!

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