Monday, May 12, 2014

Baby Abby

We bought home a new baby today. A tiny little pet my daughter has called 'Abby'. She's a tri-colour abyssinian x, and is apparently 7wks old. She has been bathed and wormed and cuddled and was popped out in the hutch to meet the other girls. They were great with her - very gentle and curious. No biting or fighting as can sometimes happen when a newbie is introduced.

Abby seems very comfortable around humans, and quite confident with the other guinea pigs too, so hopefully her lovely personality stays this way, and she doesn't become wary of us or starts bossing around the other pigs!

She seems so tiny next to them though. It's been so long since we had little-ones here that I'd forgotten how small they really are!


  1. So gorgeous Emma! Little Lleyton aka Toby Frizzle is doing well here with us. He is living by himself now as his older cage mate didn't like his new hormones! I'm going to get him a new little friend soon so he won't be lonely.

    1. oh dear - it's annoying when they go through the hormonal stage isn't it :P I hope he gets along a bit better with his new friend when he gets one. Those tricky little boys!