Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our very last litter here at Sirocco

Last Wednesday (the 13th Nov) our pet rex  Chilli (shown below) delivered three gorgeous big 85g babies. This was an experiemental pet litter fathered by our satin texel. We had some information about Chilli's dad carrying the satin gene, so I decided to see if she was possibly carrying the gene as well.... and sure enough, 2 of her 3 babies have been born with satin curls!

This is little Lilly - she is a lemon agouti, white and cream curly-coated girl with a crest and the gorgeous satin shine. She will be staying here after we close our stud at the end of this year as a pet sow.

(Chilli feeding Lilly - you can see how much her coat reflects the light in this photo!)

And this is the little boy - Mr Leighton. He too has the satin coat, this time in a gold agouti tri-colour patterning. He will be looking for a new home in a few weeks, and will be one of our last available babies.

And this is Laura. She has the 'normal' non-satin coat in the same colouring as her brother. She has a new home lined up already, and will carry the satin gene like her mum.

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