Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Amore x Montezuma - two little boys born 6th Nov 2013

This is mumma pig - our very pretty 'Amore'. It took her a long time, any many attempts with different partners before she finally fell pregnant. Interestingly enough, it was Montezuma's first time with her that resulted in the successful pregnancy. Monte is pictured below and is only just 4months old now.

These are the sweet little results of the mating between Amore and Montezuma. Two gold agouti, gold and white pedigree texel boars. I will admit I had hoped that Monte was carrying the gene for Amore's gorgeous colouring (they share some similar ancestors), and that we wouldn't get ALL BOYS or ALL GOLD AGOUTI - but we did! lol

This little guy is 'Sirocco Truffle' - the larger of the two boys at 100g.

and this is 'Sirocco Treacle' - slightly smaller at 85g. (he also has slightly more gold on his rump).
I think I will have to study their different markings to make sure I can tell them apart as they get older too!

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