Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sirocco Tiiva x Sirocco Amadeus - 4 babies born on the 27/8/13

This is mumma pig - our 'Sirocco Tiiva', a sweet pedigree texel sow. Daddy pig is below, our 'Sirocco Amadeus. This is the first pairing between these two.

Tiiva delivered 4 big healthy babies early in the morning of the 27/8/2013. We got three little ladies and one little boy. All staying here for now.

This is the first sow - 'Sirocco Tadita'.

This is the second sow - 'Sirocco Tender'.

This is the little boy 'Sirocco Thaddeus'. He looks SO much like his daddy Amadeus did as a newborn!

And this is little 'Sirocco Tuesday', the 3rd sow, and my pick of the litter for cuteness! Her ears are quite high-sitting at the moment though, but are large... so we'll see how they go as she grows.

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