Thursday, August 1, 2013

Indigo x Romeo's triplets - born 1/8/13

Mumma pig (Indigo - shown at the very top), and daddy pig (Romeo, above) have just delivered their first litter together - three good sized pedigree texel bubs born sometime very early this morning.

Mum made a bit of mess in the cage, but seems bright and well today and is eating and attending to her bubs. So I think she'll be ok.

We got one little Lemon Agouti (black base, cream ticking) sow we called 'Myrrhini'. She weighed in at 105g.

One sweet little 'gold agouti boar (buff ticking on a black base - not quite vibrant enough to be gold, not quite pale enough to be cream - but there's no 'Buff Agouti' colouring, and 'Cream agouti is a choc base/cream ticking. So this colouring doesn't really have a name). We called him Macbeth and he weighed in at 110g.

And this little boy is 'Mercury'. In quite unusual and very pretty colours. He looks to be a very pale choc agouti (chocolate base, gold tips)... but the choc is very light, and the tips are more the softer 'buff' colouring as well.

Sometimes you can use the soles of the feet to help determine the correct colouring - but that is just even more confusing! They're a very cute pinky-purple tone, which - combined with the pink eyes - makes me think maybe this is a lilac/buff argente - not an agouti?!

I really am a bit stumped here.

I would say though, that his colouring will probably look a lot like his big sister's - 'Amore' looked a very similar colouring when born. Maybe not quite as light though. Time will tell for little Mercury though! I can't wait to see him in full coat.

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