Friday, September 14, 2012

Clover only had ONE baby!!!

Clover was SO FAT! I could have sworn she had a week or so to go, and that there would be at least 3 babies.... 

But no. Just one. A large one mind you - weighing in at 130g. But just one! 

He's the perfect blend of his mum (above), and his dad (below)... 

This is little 'Oreo'. A black and white roan sheltie boy. He was born on the 13th September and is already running and jumping and pop-corning around the place! 


  1. He's so beautiful, I love to see baby piggies popcorn!

  2. My boars don't normally pop-corn but they were certainly leaping about yesterday!

    Awww, he is soooo cute! :)

  3. He is beautiful. I actually want him for myself! :)