Saturday, September 8, 2012


This stunning sheltie girl is 'Clover', from Clover Cavies. Yep - she is indeed THE Clover! lol. Clover Cavies have had to close their caviary, so we took on some of the girls. Clover is a Dark-Eyed White sheltie, and she's currently about 7weeks pregnant to Mason (black/gold sheltie).

And this little lady is 'Pria', formerly known as 'Abbie'. She was born here at the start of the year to Lavender Mist and Romeo. She ended up with some gorgeous long curls too. She is also pregnant, about 8-9 weeks to Zeus (also a bub from here, born to Liam x Ruby earlier this year). Both parents are texel x rex/texel, so the bubs will be a rex/texel mix too.

(Abbie as a newborn)

 And this is 'Darling', also from Clover Cavies. Darling is actually the daughter of Mason as well - granddaughter of our 'Crumble'. She has ended up with a peruvian coat thanks to her funky mum.

Darling arrived with her two 1-week old sheltie sons. Fathered by a lilac/white sheltie boy called 'Freddie'. Little Indio (the dark-eyed white) has already got a home lined up, but Ily is still available.

And Petal came back home too - she was one of our 'rescue' pigs picked up last year. 

And lastly, the gorgeous 'Angel' has come back home too. Angel is Millicent's full sister - and you can really see the resemblance in these photos. Angel has a bit more of a peruvian look, but both girls are just too special! Angel is on pregnancy watch, and might be carrying the babies of 'Inferno', the father of our Gizmo and Rocket.

LOL - it really is a small world when it comes to guinea pigs! 

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