Friday, September 25, 2015

Peruvian baby boy

This handsome little man is the last Bub we have available at the moment, and we have no other single boars to pair him with like we usually would. He would be the perfect companion for an older single boar, if you have one who is a bit lonely, as he's still young and won't be considered a threat.
He is a long-coated breed, so will need extra coat-care, but if you're interested in him send me an email ( Please remember though that we do NOT 'ship' guinea pigs internationally, so you will need to live in the Brisbane/sunshine coast area.


  1. Hi Emma I will buy this guy - I will be down in Brisbane Saturday 12th from Bundaberg - do you have any others as well ?

  2. Cindy Heinricy on Facebook is best place to msg me