Monday, March 30, 2015

a few photos from around the caviary

These are just a few photos to catch you guys up on the goings-on in around the caviary. We really have been very slack with the blog since we disbanded our predigree breeding program. But we still have pet cavies, and there's still a fair bit going on behind the scenes here!

The photo above was taken a few days ago from inside our newly custom-built 'guinea pig tractor'. We keep the upstairs level as the sleeping area and fill it with all the soft beds and igloos. Occasionally the pigs must push the beds too close to the ramp and we find them set up down in the grassy area. This time both Cherry and Bonnie decided to squeeze themselves into one of our 'Piggy Roll-Ups'. (these are really only meant for one pig! lol)

And this was a quick, late afternoon snap of our beautiful 'Betty'. She got a trim shortly after this due to the rediculous heat that SHOULD have left us already! It's Autumn for goodness sake Australia!

And below we have little 'Midget'. She is such a pretty little thing - and quite a feisty one too!

This photo is one of kobe with my daughter. Kobe recovered very well after her traumatic brush with heatstroke a few months ago. She's never regained all of the weight she lost, but I don't think that was such a bad thing (as she was a VERY round girl). She is starting to show signs of ageing though, but I think she will be around for at least another year or so yet. Fingers crossed.

These two cuties were two of Boris' sons from the two litters we had born in January. These little guys have all found their new homes. We met some truely beautiful families during the hand-over process of these bubs.

And below we attempted to do a girl's line up - but the instagram frame cutoff all but Kobe, Lucy and Buttons! lol.

And this stunning boy is our sole 'pedigree' pig - our little man 'Ohana The Lucky One'.

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