Thursday, December 5, 2013

Last baby left needing a new home

Little leighton is the last pig left to find a new home now. He is the surprise pet-satin we had born to Chilli x Montezuma. He looks like he'll have a shorter more rex-like coat, and still has his stunning rich colouring.

Laura, the satin-carrier sibling has already gone to her new home so we forgot to get her coat-update. She was looking quite fluffy though. And then Lilly's update is below. She wasn't cooperating for an 'in the sun' photo, so looks quite dull in the shade (the satin effect messes with my camera! It doesn't like photographing it! The iphone does a much better job!).

Lilly is looking quite fluffy though, and may end up looking like a coronet (a texel with the crest).

And this is how the last remaining pigs are living until the tower cages get picked up this weekend. After monday, and provided little Leighton finds his new home, we'll be down to just three pet girls - Lilly, Kobe and our old girl Custard (the big cream girl shown on the blog's top banner). She is only a few weeks away from her 7th birthday now!


  1. Hi Emma, Leighton AKA Toby has settled in well. He has a new friend named Gus who is a 3 year old Sheba. They met yesterday morning and have become firm friends. Toby has been a delight, and so loves his snuggles! Paula

  2. Awww! thanks for the update Paula. If you get a chance it would be lovely to see a photo of the two of them :)