Friday, September 27, 2013

Available baby texels

I've taken on some personal challenges this year, and am undertaking a journey that will take a lot of my energy for the next six months or so. For this reason, I've made the decision to reduce my responsibilities within the Cavy Stud as it's not fair to these little critters if I can't give them the basic care requirements they need.

We have had our last litter for 2013, and all breeding will be put on hold over the summer months.

This does mean that we have a few baby pedigree texels available for adoption though. These little guys were going to stay so I could assess coats and add them to the breeding program for 2014, but we've decided to find them new homes now while they're still young enough to be paired with new friends without the complication that comes from letting them go through puberty (especially the boys!).

You can view their listings here and here. Email me at if you think one of these guys would fit into your family.

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