Friday, July 19, 2013

Sirocco Opal x Sirocco Sylvester's bubs - born 14/7/13

Our lovely texel sow Opal (above) delivered a stunning litter fathered by our boar 'Sylvester' (shown below) on the 14th July, sometime around 6am I'd say. We missed the birth, but found three very cute, slightly wet little curly bubs when we woke up.

This little stunner is 'Sirocco Sargent Spice'. He is mostly white with eye patches of agouti.

And this not-so-little man is 'Sirocco Salvadore Sundance'. No white on this boy, but lots of cream and gold agouti. He should be quite a handsome man when all grown up.

And this was our one little lady of the litter - Miss 'Sirocco Spun-Sugar'. We were very thankful to get a sow in the litter. She's quite a pretty mix of colourings as well, and looks like a completely different pig on each side! lol

*** on a sad note, we lost little Sargent Spice quite suddenly a day after he was born. We're not sure what from, but there was no lead up to his passing so we're assuming a possible internal deformity, or it may have just been that he got trampled by mum?

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