Friday, April 19, 2013

Our Curly-Sheba bub's are 9 weeks old


Little Scout and his siblings Salem and Sarabi are now 9 weeks old. It's crazy to think that it has been that long since they were born! I've had to make the hard decision of choosing one of the brothers to keep as part of our breeding program - and Scout has been the keeper. He has the better rosette placement, though his coat isn't as dense (it's non-agouti), but he also has the best personality in my opinion. I like my pigs with a bit of spunk and bravery. So Scout will stay. Salem looks to already have a lovely home lined up too which is perfect... after 9 weeks it's easy to get quite attached!


Sarabi's coat is a little different to her brothers', she has nice rosette placement, but less 'fluff' on her face. Which concerned me at first, but when you examine her closely, you actually discover that there's a great deal of hair there, it's just being pushed against her face (as it should be for a 'sheba') by shoulder rosettes. I am still hoping it fattens out a bit as she grows though, or she'll have a massive, crazy body with a tiny head and will look a bit strange... :P


And here we have gorgeous Salem. He really is a stunning boar, with a lovely coat. He's really quiet and sweet as well. He will make a wonderful pet for his new family.

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