Saturday, January 26, 2013

Indigo's boys. Seb's last litter with us.

This is our gorgeous Indigo. She is a pedigree texel sow in lemon agouti and cream. This is her second litter to Sebastian. The first time around they produced 3 sons. This time they've managed 4 sons!

(Daddy pig - Sebastian. He now lives with another stud, so this was our last litter from the gorgeous boy)

I was actually out in the garden weeding when i heard some squealing coming from the tower cage. It sounded a little different to the usual 'that's my comfy bedding, move over' protesting. So I washed my hands and went to investigate. I found this little boy being vigorously cleaned by his mum. He was really squeaking - which was a bit strange. I later discovered that Indigo had accidentally chewed off two of his four front toes in her enthusiasm. It took him a good 4 days to be able to put pressure on that foot.

We called him Thomas. He is mostly white with ruby eyes and a patch of cinnamon agouti on his rump. He weighed in at 60g. Which is really very tiny. His size gave me a heads up that there would be quite a few more bubs to come...

Second born was this tiny boy - little Topaz. Topaz is also predominantly white like his dad, but with a big splotch of gold on his nose and dark eyes. He weighed in at a VERY tiny 40g. I didn't like his chances for survival (often bubs under 50g don't have the strength to be able to keep up with mum/suckle effectively). We started supplemental feeds at 12hrs old for all bubs after we did a weigh in check and realised they'd all lost 5-10g over night. Which is a lot when you only start at 40g.

Third born was little Timber - a very different looking boy to his brothers. He is gold agouti and gold. He weighed in at 60g as well. He doesn't appear to have mastered the art of walking yet though, and we're not sure if it's a physiological thing from being crammed in a belly with 3 other siblings, or a neurological problem from a delayed birth (there was about 20-30min between Topaz's arrival and his arrival). We can only continue with feeds and monitor his progress.

And lastly, little Tovi arrived. Also a darker bub, but with more gold through his coat. He weighed in at 55g. Tovi was the most active from birth and able to follow mum around. Indigo really didn't do her part though, and for the most part ignored her boys. I couldn't actually tell you whether or not the boys ever got to suckle properly from her. Tovi was looking the best during this week, but has actually gone downhill quite quickly over the last 24hrs. We're hoping it's just a set back and that he'll be back to his bright self tomorrow. Chances are that we are going to lose some, if not all of these boys though due to their size. But we'll give it our best shot.

This is a little pic we took of the boys drinking some of their milk supplement yesterday (5 days old).


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