Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cuddle Sack Market Night

Some of you are probably already well aware that I sew. I actually have a WHOLE other life where I design and make one of a kind teddy bears for the international designer market. So this means that I know my way around a piece of fabric and a sewing machine. And it also means that I've gotten pretty damn efficient at whipping up cuddle sacks for guinea pigs to keep warm during our up and coming winter!

I've already held two market nights over the last month on my Sirocco Cavy Stud facebook page to sell some of the sacks I've been whipping up. Both times we were sold out within half an hour. So this time I've made sure there are going to be PLENTY to go around!

This is just some of our current sacks, all nicely sewn and stacked, waiting to be photographed before the Market Night this Wednesday (2nd May, at 8pm local Brisbane time (EST)) I will be stating the quantity of each design/colour under each photo uploaded to facebook on Wednesday evening, and it will simply be a matter of the first people to comment 'sold' getting that particular sack. There is a limited amount of each design (a maximum of 6 sacks per colour, sometimes much less), so if you've spotted one you like you will need to be quick.

They cost $15 each, and postage is a flat rate of $5 Australia wide (contact me for international postage prices - Purchase 6 or more and postage will be free. Purchase 10 or more, get free postage and a free sack.

This is my old girl Custard modeling the sack for you! It consists of two layers - an outer print layer and an inner solid colour lining. There is also a swatch of 100% cotton toweling sewing into the lining to aid in absorbency. This makes the sacks great for having extended lap-time with your pig as well as for keeping their bellies dry while they snooze. The more you use/wash the sack, the better the fleece will get at wicking away the moisture, and the more absorbent the toweling will get.

All raw edges are hidden so there's no loose threads for curious piggies to chew on. The lining can be pulled right out to help flick out any deposits in the end, and also to help make washing and drying faster.

If you think your piggy might like one of these sacks this winter, feel free to check out our market night this Wednesday. We might even have a few other little piggy related goodies for sale too :)

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