Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We have Babies! - Bambi's Triplets!

This was the surprise I woke up to this Sunday morning. Three gorgeous new bubs delivered by our stunning Bambi. It feels like we have been waiting FOREVER for a litter from Bambi. Her sister Blessing is still yet to fall pregnant, so we're lucky to have these bubs.

Bambi's update photos taken a few months ago. We have since trimmed her back to make delivery/feeding her bubs easier! They'd have a hell of a time finding her nipples under all that hair!

(Daddy Pig)

Our only little lady! Sadly, she was the straight-coated bub, but she is very pretty and will carry the curls, so is still a very gorgeous new addition to the stud. We called her 'May'. She will most likely look sheba-coated when grown up.

May has two little brothers too, both curly-coated sheba style pigs. Mowgli was the smaller of the two and has the nicer/larger ears, but not the best rosette placement.

Whereas 'Major' as a lot larger, has pretty good rosetting, but a fold in one ear. 

The ear-fold, or 'hem' thing has probably come through from some of the pedigree texel lines we used to introduce the curl. It's pretty rampant in the Australian/Brisbane pedigree texels. Which is annoying, as it means it's just another thing we'll need to try and 'breed out' of this new variety of pig. But it's hard to be annoyed when you've got a handful of cream/white curls in your palm. Seriously - how gorgeous are these guys as newborns!

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