Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fatty Boomba Pig

Snapped this pic of Kobe a few mornings ago. She's getting SO fat! lol. In her defense she is approx 9 weeks pregnant now (turns out she was preg when we adopted her too - about 3 weeks at the time so we had no idea!).

So we can expect some more surprise pet bubbas in the next week or so I'd say. She's become quite moody in the last few weeks, and has claimed the Plush Igloo for herself! This was our last one from the second batch too - so now I'll need to make some more so she has a back up one, and so I can pop some more in our store for you guys.

We did recently list these 'Double Decker' hammocks in our store, but only have 2 or 3 left now. Our pigs go CRAZY for these two, and try to all cram into them together!

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  1. Hey
    I have a question.
    In your 'MY GIRLS' section, I couldn't help but notice Cleo.
    What colour is she? She's very beautiful! =)