Saturday, April 7, 2012

When babysitting one pig becomes babysitting 5!

I've been babysitting the gorgeous 'Flick' from Clover Cavies for the last fortnight or so while her owners are interstate. She was in the last stages of her pregnancy, and getting bigger and bigger each day.

Then, sometimes during the early hours of friday morning, she delivered 4 gorgeous, healthy little girls! The father of this litter was my boy 'Jonah'. Born here last year to Liam and Galaxy. Sadly Jonah passed away suddenly last month to sun stroke, so these bubs are his last legacy.

We got one little lady just like mum (below), one throw back in black and buff (above and two just like daddy (bottom pictures). The new family are staying here for another fortnight yet, so I'm so excited to watch them grow, and to see if their coats end up more like mum or dad!

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