Friday, September 30, 2011

Chloe, Cleo and Cricket

This man is 'Cricket'. The sole surviving boy of Alice's litter. He weighed in at a very normal 70g. His stillborn brother was 90g, so bigger, but not crazy big.

Cricket also has Alice's rosette placement, making him look a lot like a peruvian baby. With Liam's long-hair genes, he will probably end up looking a little peruvian when grown up, or possible a little mini-yak?

Cricket has a big cream agouti face and a cream agouti bum. one side of his body is white, and the other cream.


This is one of the girls - little Cleo. She weighed in at 75g. A little better, and within normal newborn weight-range. She is mostly cream with a white nose, cream agouti eye patch, cream agouti bum, and a white stripe over her right front arm/shoulder.

Cleo has a very similar coat to her mum with the funky rosette placement. With the addition of Liam's long-hair genes, this little lady is going to be gorgeous! (think 'Molly'!)


And this is little Chloe. She will most probably end up staying here - she's just too cute! She was the tiniest bub, weighing in at a very petite 55g. She is white with one cream eye patch, one cream agouti eye patch and a creamy bum. It appears that she will end up with curly fur, possibly quite texel looking. Only time will tell how long her hair gets. I might get lucky and get my half-length coat!

Chloe is probably the bub I'm most worried about too. She's still very wobbly, but is still managing to wobble after Alice when she moves around the birthing suite.

You can just make out the soft little curls on her fur. I'm very excited to see how Chloe grows. The curl's don't appear very tight at this stage - nothing like my rex Bonnie when she was born... so it's a bit of a 'wait and see' situation as to how her coat develops.

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