Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First litter away from our stud!

Our 'Sirocco Tiiva' and 'Sirocco Montezuma' travelled off to their new home at a stud South of us here at Sirocco back in early Dec. We knew there was a good chance these two would produce satin bubs - and they didn't disappoint.

Their new owner sent me these very cute photos today. A little of three pedigree texels - all girls! And TWO of them are satins! I feel like a very proud granny!

Baby 1 - satin, showing both sides. She has brilliant markings.

Baby 2 - satin, showing both sides.

And baby 3 - Satin-carrier. Showing both sides.

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  1. O so cute! Marvelous website you have here. Keep up the good work