Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The end of one era and the start of another...

We had some severe storms come through Brisbane a few weeks ago. The main one was an 'ex-cyclone' that produced the most intense winds we've seen in quite a while. It rained for 4 days solidly, many places flooded, pretty much every shade-sail in the city was ripped to shreds, and there are still piles of fallen trees and branches sitting on the curb in front of nearly every house around here - waiting for council collection.

The mansion cage usually holds up really well in rainy, stormy weather. But this time we needed to do an emergency evacuation after the rain became horizontal-rain and soaked everything! We watched as the wind tore around the cage and I wondered if it would hold up. It did - but the experience was enough for me. After 2years of faithful service, we decided it was time to 'retire' the mansion cage, and reclaim the space for a vegetable patch.

This was the demise of the mansion cage! It certainly took a lot less time to pull down then it did to put up! lol 

(the area cleared, and re-filled with soil and seeds!) 

BUT - with our girl's accommodation removed, we needed somewhere else for them to live. Somewhere with enough space, but safely under cover. We decided to design another tower cage for the back patio, to sit beside our current one. This was the crappy little sketch I sent to our local cage maker (Peter from 'Funky Cavy Stud' also here in Brisbane). He was so amazing, and even took our last minute request to make it 3-stories on board....

... and this is the end result! 2m long for lots of running! 

We moved the girls in - 4 per level. And they seem really cozy. We've since added hidey houses and water bottles (kind of important) - and I couldn't be happier. It's so much nicer having all the pigs together - and knowing that they're a lot more protected from the elements.

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