Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chloe and Marquise's baby girl

This handsome man is 'Marquise'. He is the son of one of our first rex x texel bubs born in 2011. He ended up with the full, gorgeous texel coat. He was born at another local caviary - 'Ohana Cavy Stud' in Deception Bay here in Brisbane. It was decided about 6 months ago that I would drop off our gorgeous pet texel 'Chloe' (also born here in 2011) to Ohana to see if she and Marquise would get friendly...

... it took a LONG time (Chloe is quite bossy and Marquise is quite laid back) - but eventually Chloe was confirmed pregnant, and this little cutie is the resulting bub.

Chloe actually delivered two babies, but the first born (a sweet lilac and white boar) was born dead after a bit of a struggle for Chloe to deliver him. Amarina was born second, and mum needed a bit of assistance with her as well. We're not sure if she missed out on a bit of oxygen when being delivered, or if she was positioned oddly in utero, but it took a good 4-5 days for Amarina to learn to walk properly. She is doing a lot better now though.

These are the most recent pictures of Amarina at 2 weeks old. Due to her less then ideal start to life she's STILL not back to her birth weight of 100g, but is strong and independent and I actually think she'll be ok.

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