Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pria's gorgeous bubs

This little lady is 'Pria'. She was born here back in March, and originally named 'Abbie'. She lived with Clover Cavies for 6months, was paired up with one of our other rex x texel bubs 'Zeus', also born here back in April. Yesterday, Sunday the 16th September, Pria delivered two gorgeous big curly babies. 

I had estimated that she would be due on the 16th too. So was kind of chuffed about getting that right. But totally baffled when I saw the colouring on the babies. I was expecting more gold agouti. It does make sense if you look at the grandparents though. Pria's mum (Lavender Mist) was lilac, and Pria's brother Ambrose was lilac/gold argente. 

(daddy pig - Zeus)


  1. Pria is adorable! She looks a lot like Buffy.

  2. How sweet! Guinea pig babies must be the worlds cutest newborn animals.