Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Newbie - Malibu the Sheltie

While we're on the roll for introducing new piggies... I thought I'd show off our newest boar to join the gang. This is 'Malibu'. He is a lilac/gold argente sheltie boar with streaks of gold, a solid gold nose and a gold tummy! 

Malibu comes from Ohana Cavy Stud, and is going to be a valuable edition to our pet-lines, hopefully bringing through some lilac to our curly pigs. 

You're probably wondering why he would be useful in adding to our curly stock... and the value is in the genes that he is carrying recessively... his daddy is a texel. One of our texel bubs actually - and Liam's son. So Malibu is actually Liam's grandson, which is kind of cool. 

So this is Malibu's dad  - he was born 'Ryder' here at the stud back in 2011. He was re-named Jasper by his new family at Ohana. This was him in full coat - he was stunning! Sadly he died not long ago, so Malibu is only one of two of his sons to survive him.

And this is Malibu's mum - a stunning gold purebred sheltie. You can see where Malibu gets his colouring from!

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